Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Twenty Fourteen

This year I will turn my can't's into can's and my dreams into plans.
How will I do this?
 Well after the emotional end to 2013 I decided to invest in a couple of self -help books I know that this wouldn't be every body's cup of tea but I thought it was a good starting point.
They have helped me, they've given me a little knowledge into why I might be feeling the way I am,
how I can build up my very low self esteem.
They've made me take a good look at the person I am and the person I would like to be.
 It's been a while since I've taken such a long, deep look into myself.
 It hasn't been easy either because I haven't always liked what I've found out or seen in myself, there was also some good stuff too.
So over the last couple of weeks I've thought about what I would like to achieve for myself this year and I've set myself some stepping stones, small steps in different area's of my life.
 I don't want to say goals because that suggest that once I've achieved them that's it, job done and it's not about the destination for me it's about the journey.

Financial Stepping Stone
Save £2000.00 by December 31st 2014
How can I achieve my financial stepping stone?
Keep detailed household accounts
Set a direct debit up to put money into savings account
Watch my non essential spending

Work Stepping Stone
Turn my hobby into a successful small business by December 31st 2014
How will I consider it a success?
Sell £500,00 worth stock 
What do I need to do to reach my target
Learn new knitting techniques
Learn how to crochet
Have a stall at local craft fairs.
How to achieve these goals
Join a knitting group
Learn to knit in the round
Learn to knit Fair Isle
Up date Daisy Dreams facebook page
Find out about local craft fairs.

Health Stepping Stones by December 31st 2014
Get down to a size 14
How will I achieve my health stepping stone
Exercise 3 times a week
Go for a walk twice a week

Social Stepping Stone
Meet some new people.
How will I achieve my social steeping stones
Join a knitting group
Go to lunch with Lou and Hazel and make an effort to see more of them
Join a Bi-polar support group

All things fun Stepping Stone.
Spend more time with the children doing fun things like bowling, walking, visiting National Trust properties.
Take more Photo's
Visit lots and lots of tea rooms.
Take the children on holiday.

So there you go my stepping stones, I've already achieved something today,  I joined a local knitting group this was a really big step for me, firstly I hadn't picked up any knitting for nearly four months, I don't find it easy meeting people and I really like the comfort of my own home, so I'm very proud of myself today. It's held in a lovely wool shop in a near by town, it reminded me of  what I imagined the shop to be like in the book The Friday Night Knitting Club. Everyone was really lovely and friendly. The shop hasn't been opened long but it's fantastic, the ladies are wonderful, friendly, chatty, helpful and they don't mind if you pop in just for a chat. I don't go into town very often so I didn't even know it was there until the other day when I was on line looking for knitting/Crochet courses, and I found it then, I didn't sign up for one of their knitting courses, I signed up for a learn how to crochet course. So by the end of the month I will be able to tick that off my list too. Oh plus they hold knitting group on a Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, that's three mornings a week I could be out meeting and socialising with new people and as knitting is my job it will be classed as working hours.


Today I'm grateful for,
Getting my knitting groove back,
Finding a lovely wool shop (although that might not be so good for my saving stepping stone)
Meeting new people
Having a cuppa and chatter with Louise (very good friend who I don't see enough of)
Watching Toy Story of Terror with the children
Having a lovely cup of tea made by Lily (daughter)

Today was a great day.

Joanne x
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